“Let nothing which can be treated by diet be treated by other means.” – Maimonides


Sprouted Grain Bread with 2 Tablespoon of Raw Almond Butter

If you’re not into fruit, then sprouted grain toast may be another good option to try for some healthy carbohydrates. Your body needs a little bit of carbs before a workout; otherwise you run the risk of losing your “juice” which leaves you low in energy and less likely to have as great of a workout. Sprouted grain bread is a healthier option than refined bread on the shelf since the bread is flour-free, contains a small amount of protein, and has live, natural enzymes to support your digestion. Raw almond butter goes great on sprouted grain bread, since it will lower the glycemic effect of the bread and will add a little bit of protein and more fiber. Keep the almond butter to one tablespoon and choose raw almond butter since it’s lighter on your stomach than roasted almond butters with added oil and salt.

A Dried Fruit and Nut Bar

Dried fruit and nut bars that contain no added sugars are a great pre-workout option. The dried fruit will provide you with energy and the raw nuts in the bar will help the sugars in the fruit digest more slowly. Choose a bar that contains no more than 200-300 calories so it’s not too heavy on your stomach. Also, try to stick to those that just contain dried fruit and nuts versus those with added syrups or nectars. You can also make your own energy bars or bites right at home instead of eating store bought bars.

A Small Green Smoothie

A small green smoothie is another great-pre workout idea. Try to keep the ingredients in your smoothie to mostly greens to support your blood sugar and maybe add a couple slivers of avocado, a tablespoon or two of chia or hemp, or some frozen acai puree for just a little healthy fat. The healthy fats will help you absorb the nutrients in the smoothie better and support your blood sugar levels. You can add a little plant-based protein as another option, along with some low-glycemic fruits like berries, a half a banana, or a half a green apple.

Oatmeal or Quinoa With Berries

Oatmeal is a fantastic grain to eat before yoga, but try to have it at least an hour before so it has time to digest properly. Oatmeal contains soluble fibers, which digest very slowly into the bloodstream and it’s extremely high in magnesium to support your energy levels and prevent muscle cramps. Oatmeal is also rich in B vitamins and one of the most delicious grains to enjoy. If you’re not into oatmeal or eating a grain-free diet, the almighty quinoa seed is another great option to choose since it’s high in protein like oats. Pair your oatmeal or quinoa with some berries or pomegranate arils to include some fresh produce into your meal, and maybe add a little bit of ground flax for extra fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Keep your serving to around 1/3 cup so it doesn’t sit too heavily on your stomach.