Rachelle is available to speak to groups and consult on nutrition and wellness for businesses.  She has led education for the Lubbock ISD Diabetes group, inservices for Lubbock ISD nurses and counselors, staff inservice and consulting for Guthrie CSD, and others.

Rachelle Atkinson has served Guthrie CSD in exemplary fashion in recent years, with regard to wellness advice and counsel. She has led faculty/staff conversations and public forums, and she has provided private consultation to many of our employees.  Rachelle is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, health, and wellness, but more importantly, she has the ability to “flex” comfortably and sensitively to a wide array of groups and individuals.  She has been a tremendous source of information and support as we have pursued higher levels of health and wellbeing in our school and community.
Nelson Coulter (Former Superintendent of Guthrie CSD)

A teacher by original profession, Rachelle has a passion for education and an innate ability to make complex concepts relatable and applicable.