Virtual Nutrition Therapy, iRest Co-Meditation and Mentoring

Offering Private Virtual Consultations and Co-Meditation

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What is a Virtual Nutrition Therapy Consultation?

This session is everything that an in-person nutrition therapy session with Rachelle would be: a thorough health intake, evaluation of your current dietary patterns, education on holistic nutrition and support towards your goals with manageable, realistic steps and fun new perspectives – all from the comfort of your own home! It FEELS GOOD to eat well and take the first steps towards your innate vitality by nourishing your body vessel with alive, pure foods.

What is a Virtual iRest® or Dyad Consultation?

If you have experienced iRest or co-meditation dyad in person with Rachelle, this session is no different except that you get to rest in the comfort of your own home! If you have not experienced iRest, you are in for a luxurious treat! Please fill out our contact form to learn more about this restorative mindfulness meditation practice.

What is a Virtual Mentoring Consultation?

Are you a counselor, therapist, or yoga or iRest® teacher? Deepen your personal or professional practice through engaging, thoughtful sessions and embodied exploration with Rachelle. These sessions include q&a about the nuts and bolts of somatic practices, working with students and clients, as well as your own personal psychological or spiritual inquiry.

How Might Rachelle Support You?

Rachelle’s passion for the profound connections between mind, body and soul combined with her life experiences and gift for teaching enable her to guide others to simply and effectively apply holistic principles for wellbeing. In an online consultation you will have your own direct experience and receive inspirational resources and healing knowledge. Contact Rachelle today!

Online Nutrition Therapy Consulting

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